Vavarambalam, Erumeli

avarambalam is one of the largest and famous pilgrim centres in Kottayam district. Vavarambalam is situated just 56 km away from Kottayam town. The sited place is known as Erumeli. Vavarambalam is also famous in another name that is Nainar Mosque. Actually, Vavarambalam is an Islamic religious place. But yearly lacks of different religious devotees come and worship god. This speciality makes this Mosque differ from other Mosques in the world.

There, one Myth is behind this Mosque. Deity Ayyappa and Vavar were good friends. So God Ayyappa gifted this Mosque to Vavar. Now, during the Makara vilakku season large number of people from various region come and visit both Vavarambalam and Sabarimala. Vavarambalam and Sabarimala temple stand as an excellent example of a harmonious relationship between different religious people.

Important Festival in Vavarambalam:

Erumeli Petta Thullal

Petta Thullal is also known as Petta Kettu. This important ritual held in the month of January. Petta thullal is considered as a conversation between Vavar and Ayyappan. Pette thullal is starts from Kochambalm, it is also a Sastha (Ayyappa) temple. This temple is facing towards the Vavarambalam. Prior to the ritual the pilgrimers coated colour on their body. Then they start to dance with musics played by traditional instruments.

Vavarambalam erumeliFrom the starting place Petta thullal is continued towards the Vavarambalam. Pilgrimers believe that, Vavar swami also accompanies with them to the Valiyambalam. It is the finishing place for Petta thullal. This temple is situated 1 km away from Vavarambalam. The devotees turn around this temple and finish the festival. It is very attractive and colourful. On the day large number of people comes as a devotee or a viewer. Devotees gather in Erumeli and participate in this function. Moreover, this festival and the natural beauty of Erumeli invite tourists to this place during the seasonal time. Palm and teak plantations are the other attraction of this place. Climatic condition is also nice during the festival time.

Kerala State Road Transport Corporation operates buses to Erumeli from all major bus stations in the State.
Thiruvananthapuram International Airport and Cochin International Airport Ltd.
Railway Station:
The devotees coming by Train from Ernakulam side are advised to alight at Kottayam Railway Station and those from Thiruvananthapuram side at Chengannur Railway station. However for pilgrims intending to visit Erumeli, Kottayam Railway Station will be more convenient.

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