Vasthu Vidya Gurukulam

Kerala is noted for its traditional architecture; be it in the case of dwellings, places of worship like temples or palaces. The traditional architecture of Kerala is an interesting blend of art and science that combines to provide better spaces suited for specific purposes.

Written texts and oral traditions co-existed in Kerala since ancient times and most of the basic tenets of this unique architectural know-how still exist for the modern day generation to study and preserve.

The architectural acumen of Kerala, especially the traditional method is today reckoned for its aesthetic marvel and also for living in absolute harmony with Nature. In the realm of tradition architecture of Kerala, the Vasthu Vidya Gurukulam at Aranmula in Pathanamthitta District is today a center reckoned for its efforts to preserving the nuances of Kerala’s traditional architecture. It is now well on course in becoming a centre of repute for learning the many facets of Kerala’s traditional architecture and preserving them for posterity.

Started in 1993, the Vasthu Vidya Gurukulam in Aranmula offers regular courses in traditional architecture and mural Painting. Post-graduate diploma course in traditional architecture recognized by the Mahatma Gandhi University is offered at the centre. The centre is approved by the Government of Kerala for Vasthu Vidya (traditional architecture) and mural painting and is affiliated to the Kerala State Cultural Affairs Department, Government of Kerala. A mural painting gallery with a well-supported library is one of the main resources of this centre. Visitors to Vasthu Vidya Gurukulam are allowed to watch daily training classes. They can also purchase mural paintings from. The centre also has consultancy in traditional architecture. It also undertakes mural painting works.

The Vasthu Vidya Gurukulam has already documented in detail more than 165 traditional architectural structures in Kerala and is engaged in completing the documentation process of remaining structures in the State. The centre’s popularity has reached national and international level for its achievements in the preservation and promotion of traditional architecture as well as the mural art of Kerala. The famous traditional architect, Brahma Sree Kanippayoor Krishnan Nampoothiripad, is associated with the Vasthu Vidya Gurukulam as its Dean.

Nearest City : Chengannur and Pathanamthitta.
Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, about 115 kms
Railway Station:
Chengannur, about 10 kms

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