Thenmala Ecotourism – Attractions in Thenmala

Thenmala is an eco-tourism and adventure spot in Kerala, providing equal opportunities for fun, adventure, leisure and for learning the significance and necessity of eco-friendly measures for promoting tourism related activities.

The word Thenmala in the local language Malayalam has an interesting meaning. “Then”means honey and “Mala”means hill;and they combine to mean “Honey Hill”. For those with an overdose of adrenalin and those willing to test their adventure spirit would find the Adventure Zone at Thenmala, Kerala, quite a thrilling experience.

Adventure freaks at Thenmala can take the elevated walkway for a journey that winds through the canopy of trees and going over rocky terrains, bringing one close to some of Mother Natures best assets at varying elevations. And for those who dont mind giving their body muscles a real workout can go for mountain biking, rock climbing and river crossing as part of adventure activities at Thenmala. Other less physically demanding adventure options at Thenmala include nature trails, resting spots, lotus pond, etc.

Outdoor Activities:

Besides the zone-based adventure activities for a visitor, Thenmala Eco-Tourism also offers other outdoor attractions, like an invigorating boat ride in the Shenduruney Wildlife Sanctuary;a visit to the Deer Rehabilitation Centre, where one can have a look at Spotted deer, the Sambar deer and the Barking deer, which have been given protection after straying out from the forests.Wildlife and adventure enthusiasts can have a hectic time at Thenmala.

The adventure and outdoor activities at Thenmala tourism spot also include tree top huts and childrens eco-park, riverside treks, and battery powered vehicle rides through the forest, enabling one to sight wildlife from a close distance.

Thenmala is accessible from both Thiruvananthapuram and Kollam by road. Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) runs regular bus services from Thiruvananthapuram to Thenmala. Buses are the cheapest transportation option and are comfortable for short trips. Taxis and private vehicles can also be used to reach Thenmala by road.
The airport nearest to Thenmala is Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, situated at a distance of 72 km. The airport is well connected to all major cities in India such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad. Travelers who arrive by air can hire a taxi from the airport to reach Thenmala.
Railway Station:
The railhead closest to Thenmala is located in Kollam, at a distance of about 66 km. Kollam is one of the major railheads of Kerala and is well connected to all other parts of India. Travelers can avail taxi services from the railway station to reach Thenmala. The taxi charges vary between 7 INR and 12 INR per km, depending on the type of vehicle. Nearest Railway Station to Thenmala

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