The State Museum, Thrissur, Tourist Places Near by Thrissur Museum

It is a complex of two museums and a Zoological Garden. Head
of office is Superintendent. Zoological garden, Art Museum, Multipurpose
Museum, Education Section, Veterinary Section and office are the different
sections functioning here.


The State Museum and Zoo, Thrissur was established in the
year 1885 at Viyyur, when Shri. Sankarayya was the Diwan Peshkar of Cochin
State, It started functioning at Chembookkavu in 1913 where the state museum
and Zoo is situated now.


Thrissur state museum and Zoo is under the Directorate of
Museums and Zoos which comes under the administrative jurisdiction of the
Government of Kerala. Presently,the Directorate of Museums and zoos is under
the control of the Ministry of culture, Government of Kerala. State museum and
zoo has superintendents as its charge officer and the Director is the Head of
the Department.


    Support the
national efforts in conservation of wildlife through planned co-ordinated
conservation breeding programme.

    Develop amongst
visitors an empathy for wild animals.

scientific studies and research on wildlife.

    Develop among
visitors Knowledge on the antique and archaeological objects.

    Give the visitors
chances to learn about our cultural heritage.


    Wild life
conservation with special emphasis to the species occurred in the western ghats
which are endangered.

    Education and


    Promotion of

    Acquiring and
showing the objects of art, science, natural history etc.

    Preservation of
the valuable art and cultural heritage of mankind.

Only one Kilometer from Trichur Town. Accessible by Auto-rickshaw, car and bus.
Nearest airport is Nedumbassery which is about 55 Km away from Thrissur.
Railway Station:
Situated at Chembukavu in Trichur district ,3 km from Trichur Railway station and Transport bus stand.

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