St Marys Church, Manarcad, Kottayam

St. Mary’s church is located in Manarcad in Kottayam district. It is also called as Marthamariyam Cathedral. It is believed that the church was constructed around 1000 years back. It is considered to be a very ancient church and there are stone inscriptions here that date back to 10th century. The inscription on these stones is written in Tamil and Malayalam that was used about 600 years back. There are various educational institutions under this church that includes various schools and colleges such as St. Mary’s college, a hospital and other religious institutions.

Just opposite to the main church small churches were built. During the feast, Holy Mass will be conducted here and the funeral functions are performed form here. The Cross of the church has been set up in two different places in Kottayam. One on K. K. Road at Maracad junction and another near the Churchyard.

Virgin Mary’s birth is celebrated here during the month September starting from 1st to 8th and is called as the Manarcad Perunnal. It includes 8 days fasting and the feast. On the 6th day a procession is carried out which includes several crosses, colorful umbrellas etc. This procession passes through the installed crosses as well as the Small church. During this time, thousands of pilgrims from all parts visit this church. After the noon prayer on 7th an image of Virgin Mary is placed. This is called as the ‘Nata Thurakkal’. During the festival many come here to seek blessings of Virgin Mary and to cure their ailments. They make their offerings to the church.

The important feast of this church includes the feast on January 15 to seek the blessing of Mary on agricultural seeds, the feast on February 26 called as the Sunero feast, the feast commemorating St. George on May 6, the feast for the rising of Virgin Mary on August 15th and the feast of Mary’s birth on September 8th.

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