Priyadarshini Museum Trivandrum

Priyadarshini Museum is situated in the scenic city of Trivandrum/Thiruvananthapuram, which is the capital of the state of Kerala. The museum is located inside the compounds of the Kerala State Science and Technology Museum. Priyadarshini Museum is a planetarium fitted with a number of advanced equipments, which are far beyond any of the equipments found at any other planetarium. The planetarium is sophistically furnished with state-of-the-art projectors and other equipments. This is one of best planetariums in India.

Priyadarshini Museum stores small models of a number of Indian as well as foreign space shuttles. The walls of the planetarium are adorned with photographs from the lunar missions, missions to mars and a number of other such missions. The planetarium was set up as a tribute to scientific and technological advancements which are achieved by the Indian space agency in decades. The planetarium is a heaven for the science scholars who come to this place for observing a number of celestial events.

The construction of Priyadarshini Museum is oriented horizontally. It has a domed type ceiling, which forms a screen for the images of celestial bodies and other astronomical phenomena that are projected with the help of a powerful ocular device. The planetarium compound houses a sky theatre, where all the planetarium shows are conducted. A conference hall is also located in the planetarium compound. Scholars and scientists meet to discuss important matters in the hall, which has a seating capacity of 184 people. The projector the planetarium is fitted with a number of other gadgets. The arrangement for the seating inside the planetarium is done in a comfortable and modernized way.

In Priyadarshini Museum, the Universe is projected in front of the audience at such proximity and grandeur that the audience gets captivated in it and forgets its actual distance from earth. Several shows are conducted inside the planetarium. One of the major shows being conducted at the planetarium is ‘The Man and the Universe’, which deals with the origin and the developmental stages of astronomy, its constitution and feature of planets and the origin of Universe. Some other show displays the birth and the life of a star and all the possible stages in the life of a star. Some important exhibits which are stored here include numerous models of rockets airplanes etc. Priyadarshini Museum brings space enthusiasts even closer to the Universe.

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