Phantom Rock in Kalpetta, Wayanad

Phantom rock is a skull shaped rock. The Phantom Rock is a beautiful archeological site located in Wayanad district, Kerala.

This picturesque destination can bereached through a single narrow lane where trekking and camping are also popular activities amongst travellers. Popularly known for its skull shaped rock, which is unique in its own way, it regularly draws a large influx of tourists and curious onlookers.

This piece of natural art which has a skull shaped rock over a small boulder is formed out of huge metamorphic rocks and is locally known as “Cheengeri Mala” or “Thalappara”. In the local area it is popularly known as Cheengeri Mala.

Those who are adventurous enough can climb to its upper part. The surroundings of this rock have potential scenic locations. The scenic surroundings near the phantom rock make it a potential tourist trekking and camping location. The surroundings have lot of greeneries and rocks.

The Phantom Rock of Wayanad has received the name due to its shape, which is similar to a Phantom’s head. Those who wish to trek or camp have to carry their own gear. Familiarity of the routes and trails is a must as very little or no guidance is available.

Phantom Rock is situated about 13 km from Kalpetta adjacent to the Ambalavayal town. This place offers great photographic opportunities.

The serene environment surrounding the Phantom Rock of Wayanad, which is situated at about 2100 metres above sea level is an amazing destination for people who are seeking peace and solitude along with a bit of adventure.

Buses are available from Kalpetta. A road journey takes 4 hours from Mysore and 2 hours from Calicut.
The closest airport is in Calicut.
Railway Station:
The nearest railway stations are Mysore and Kozhikode.

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