Parassinikkadavu Snake Park

Kerala state of India has many beautiful landscape and national parks. Parassinikkadavu Snake Park is one of them. This park is situated in the Kannur district of North Kerala and is about 16 kms from Kannur town in southern India. The Snake Park is in the district of Parassinikkadavu 2 kms from National Highway 17 from Kannur to Taliparamba.

Parassinikkadavu Snake Park houses a large variety of snakes and many other smaller animals such as the Spectacled Cobra, Russell’s viper,King Cobra, Kraits and various pit vipers. The park also houses a large collection of non-venomous snakes that includes pythons. The main idea behind establishing this park was to preserve and conserve the snakes and many other species that are on the verge of extinction.The park also facilitates live interactions with the snakes where the trained personnel play and interact with the large variety of snakes like cobras and vipers, and resolve the fear of the animal from the visitors and solve the myths about the dangerous nature of these animals. A laboratory is proposed to be set up that would help in extracting the venom from the snakes for research purposes. As of today, many foreign and domestic tourists visit this park every year. The Snake Park was set up by the VishaChikitsa Kendra and provides effective treatment for snake bites.


Kannur district itself has a very beautiful landscape. Parassinikkadavu Snake Park has become one of the major attractions of Kannur District.  Parassinikkadavu Snake Park is a subsidiary of the PappinisseriVishachikitsaSociety and is considered to be only one of its kind in the State and also perhaps for the whole of India.

The main motive of establishing this park was to preserve and conserve the snakes and other species which are on the verge of becoming extinct in the future. The park has a large collection of poisonous and non-venomous snakes.

To mark the inventory, there are three snake pits, fifteen glass cases and two large glass houses for King Cobras in the park. Apart from snakes, some other rare species and birds like the endangered species of Simhavalan Monkeys and Crocodiles are also found here.


Parassinikkadavu Snake Park is situated around 16 Kms from Kannur on the way to the Parassinikkadavu Temple. The park is said to be only one of its kind in the state and perhaps even the country. PappinisseriVishaChikista Kendra set up this park which attracts hundreds of both foreign and domestic tourists. The main motive of establishing this snake park was to preserve and conserve snakes and other reptiles as they are on the verge of extinction. There are more than 150 varieties of snakes that includes spectacled cobra, Russel Viper, King cobra, Krait and Pit Viper.VishaChikista Kendra has effective medicines to treat snake bites. The only place perhaps where both Ayurveda and Modern Medicines are effectively combined for the treatment of snake bite victims.

Nearest Bus Station: Parassinikadavu bus station
Nearest Airport: Karipur International Airport at a distance of 135 km
Railway Station:
Nearest Railway Station: Pappinisseri railway station / Kannur railway station

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