Paithalmala, Kannur, Kerala

Paithalmala (“Paithal” means infant and “mala” means Hill) is the one of the Mind Blowing Hill Station in the Kannur District (North Kerala). Some call it as “Vaithalmala”. Which is situated in the Western Ghats near Kerala- Karnataka Boarder. The nearest bus stop to the Paithalmala is Kudiyanmala, which is 43 Kms from Thaliparamba and 60 Kms from Kannur Railway Station. Paithalmala is 9 Kms far from Kudiyanmala. From Kudiyanmala upto 5 Kms tarred road is available. Paithalmala is located near to Kappimala village, at a height of 1371.6 m above sea level, this is the highest peak in Kannur.These mountain ranges extend to about 500 acres and are fully covered with dense forest. A wide variety of flora and fauna can be found here and the view of the valleys and mountains from here is breathtaking. Those tourists who wish to have an adventurous trip can come to this hill station. Some other attractions of this place include waterfalls and the wildlife. To reach at the grass covered hill station a 4 Kms walk through the forest is required, but is the hottest part of the travellers for trekking. Summer season is the best time for the visit to the paithalmala. The night sleep on a night in the top of paithalmala is a dream like event for all travellers those who are coming here. For that you can carry one small tent. Because of its height you can touch and feel the dreaming effect of mist here. The area is surrounded by forest, but no cruel animals are not there in the paithalmala.

Before You Go:

  •     The trekkers or tourists are required to go in groups so they can help the other members and carry some food along with you.
  •     People who are new to trekking should go along the groups who have experience in trekking.
  •     Tourists should carry woolen clothes, good pair of shoes and a stick along with them.
  •     Do not throw the left over food any where on the route.
  •     Also do not forget to carry a long rope along with you which can help you anywhere if needed.

Nearest Town: Kudiyanmala & Chemperi (Jeep is also available here)
Nearest Airport: Calicut & Mangalore International Airports
Railway Station:
Nearest Railway Station: Kannur (60 Kms), Payyannur (62 Kms)

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