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Nelliampathi is a popular hill station 60 km away from Palakkad in Kerala a small state in south India. It is famous for its tea and coffee plantations and the excellent weather condition and is one among the best tourist spots in Kerala. The journey to Nelliampathi itself is an experience. The view of the Pothundy dam from the height is a breathtaking sight.

There will be many waterfalls by the roadside during the rainy season. The lush valleys in the region have very valuable teak plantations with extraordinary height and girth. The orange estates on the Nelliampathi Hills produce high quality oranges. Nellikota or Padagiri is the highest peak in the region. A picturesque picnic spot near the Sithargundu Estate offers a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside.

Nelliampathi is a popular hill station with excellent trekking trails. It is a 3 hour, 75 km trip away from Palakkad (Palghat) and, at 1600 mts above sea level, is surrounded by panoramic views of hills draped by plantations of tea, coffee, orange and cardamom. On Nellikotta and the other peaks grow huge great teak trees value for their wood. Nelliyampathy hills comprise a chain of ridges cut off from one another by valleys of dense evergreen forests and orange plantations.

The height of the hills ranges from 467 mts to the tallest peak Padagiri looming at 1572 mts. Accessing Nelliyampathy from Palakkad (Palghat) is a sensation on its own, as one negotiate over a dozen hairpin curves on the ghat road passing through the fascinating jungles of the Sahya Ranges.

Nearest Bus Station is Nelliyampathy bus station
Nearest Airport is Coimbatore International Airport
Railway Station:
Nearest Railway Station is Palakkad railway station at a distance of 55 kms

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