Muniyara Dolmens Munnar

A fascinating destination for anthropologists and archaeologists from all over the world, Muniyara has remnants of Dolmenoid cists belonging to the Megalithic age. Dolmenoids were burial chambers made of four stones placed on edges and covered by a fifth one called the cap stone. Some of these Dolmenoids contain several burial chambers, others have a quadrangle scooped out in laterite and lined on the sides with granite slabs. These are also covered with cap stones.

Muniyara is part of Marayoor. Marayoor occupies a vast area on the slopes of the Western Ghats in Idukki district and is an important pre-historic site in Kerala. Apart from the Dolmenoid cists in Muniyara, Marayoor is famous for its natural sandalwood forests and pre-historic rock paintings.

Location: Muniyara is part of Marayoor which is 40 km from Munnar, in Idukki district, central Kerala.

Marayoor to Munnar is 40 km and Munnar to Idukki is 55 km by road.
Kochi international airport, about 199 km away.
Railway Station:
Ernakulam junction about 173 km away.

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