Marayoor in Munnar, Idukki

Marayoor is a scenic rain shadow village in Idukki district, on the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats. It’s a pristine and enchanting tourist destination, famous for its natural growth of sandalwood trees and sprawling wildlife. It’s referred to as ‘heaven on earth’ for its serenity and natural beauty. The land, claiming to be part of the Stone Age civilization, still houses some unique relics, in the form of caves, rock edicts and engravings that reflect ancient heritage and culture.

Marayoor is a place where travelers find themselves in the middle of history, nature and adventure. The mist-clad hills, verdant greenery and fresh mountain air make the destination appealing and visit-worthy. Since it is a high-land region with a considerate to heavy amount of rainfall, Marayoor retains a cool and pleasant weather throughout. The land is mostly occupied by tribals, most of whom are engaged in agriculture or work as labourers in plantation estates and fruit farms.

One of the prime attractions of Marayoor is the ‘muniyaras’ or dolmens dating back to the Stone Age civilization. There are caves and underground tunnels with ancient paintings and encryptions indicative of the historical events that occurred during the period. Another unique feature of the place is the natural abundance of sandalwood trees. There is a sandalwood factory nearby. The high quality sandalwood is used to extract sandalwood oil, also called ‘liquid gold’ which is utilized in popular perfumes and also exported.

The vicinity of the spectacular Thoovaanam waterfalls offers an ideal venue for adventure and romance. The fresh and green picnic spot can be enjoyed with family and friends. There are numerous other tourist attractions in and around Marayoor that showcase nature’s blessings in a variety of ways. There are several accommodation facilities nearby that offer comfortable and tourist-friendly services.

There are many buses that ply between Munnar and Marayoor and this is a good option. Munnar is located around 40 km from the town. Tickets cost around Rs 50 for the trip.
Cochin International Airport about 148 km
Railway Station:
Aluva, about 184 km and Angamali, about 149 km

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