Maramon Convention

Marthoma Maramon Convention which is the largest religious gathering of Christians in the World is conducted from the banks of the River Pamba in Maramon near Kozhencherry. It is conducted annually in the month of February and was started since 1896. Thousands of people from all over the country gather at this place to attend the convention. This convention is a clear example of the unity between the people from various sections of the churches in Kerala. This is organized by Mar Thoma Evangelistic Association and the speakers who conduct this are of International reputation.

This convention is a spiritual inspiration for all the devotees who attend this. This convention lasts for 10 days and usually depends on the sand bed as it has to be dry to accommodate the thousands gathering here. People also take part in singing religious songs and listen to the sacred readings. The main part of the programme is preaching and Bible reading. Special Bible classes are conducted for people of all age groups. People irrespective of caste and religion are attracted towards this convention. This is a place regarded as a meeting place of various cultures and traditions.

The decorations for the convention starts a week before the convention and a large Pandal is set up which can accommodate as many as 1,50,000 people. People attend the convention in spite of the hot weather just to hear the word of God. It is difficult to find an empty space in the Pandal and a portion of the crowd has to stand outside to listen. Old and physically weak people are provided with chairs. A small tent is also set up near to the large tent to seat the people with kids and children. Besides, there are also various stalls put up that sell religious books, restaurants etc.

Kozhencherry bus station
Cochin International Airport at a distance of around 135 kms
Railway Station:
Chengannur railway station at a distance of 14 kms

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