Lakkidi View Point Wayanad

Lakkidi Wayanad presents interesting and scenic locations. Lakkidi can be termed as gateway of Wayanad district. One of the interesting news about Lakkidi Wayanad is that it has recorded the second highest level of rainfall in the entire world. Lakkidi is at higher altitudes, and is one of the highest locations in Wayanad. Lakkidi is almost 700 meters above the sea level.

Lakkidi Wayanad is situated atop of Thamarassery ghat pass. The nearest town located near Lakkidi is Vythiri. From Vythiri you can reach Lakkidi in five kilometers drive distance. Within the near surroundings of Lakkidi are Pookot Lake, Chain tree, and other Sightseeing point on Ghats road. Lakkidi is fifty eight kilometers north east of Kozhikode district.

The scenic locations in Lakkidi include high mountain slopes, cascading stream, and plentiful vegetation. Once you reach atop Lakkidi Wayanad, you can have a bird’s eye view of the Deep South valley, and the beautiful winding roads. At three kilometers distance from Lakkidi Wayanad is the Pookot Lake. Pookot Lake is a natural fresh water body. The Pookot Lake is very wide and deep. It is one of the rare pools of water in Wayanad. Pookot Lake is surrounded by meadows and hills, and it is one of the excellent tourist attractions in Wayanad. There are totally nine hairpin bends on the way from Adivaram to Lakkidi along the Ghats road. The road is situated amidst thick forests. Drive to Lakkidi is a pleasurable and enjoyable experience.  

Wayanad is connected by road to other towns in Kerala and other parts of India.
The nearest airport from Wayanad is Calicut/ Kozhikode.
Railway Station:
The Wayanad district is well connected by a railway network to other cities and towns of Kerala and neighboring states.

Tourist Place to Visit in Wayanad District, Kerala