Place to visit in, Kumily idukki

Kumily is a quaint little town located on the border of two states – Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It is a little plantation town that is essentially famous for its strategic positioning, bang in the middle of all several tourist destinations in Kerala.

Tourists flock to Kumily all through the year in order to take in the sheer beauty of its plantations and the rustic appeal of its old and charming markets. These markets are famous among the tourist community, with foreigners flocking to visit this town from various parts of the globe.
Kumily is also located 6 km away from the town of Thekkady, which is yet another very popular tourist destination. With their long and winding plantation walks, diverse wildlife and something for the adventurous (including the tourist favorites of boating and trekking), Kumily and Thekkady offer tourists a wide variety of activities.
You can mingle with the friendly locals, dig into traditional Kerala cuisine, soak in its rich and diverse culture & ride on elephants on your way through the plantations. For the adventurous at heart, Kumily offers boat cruises and trekking options, while the ones looking for a peaceful time can opt for rejuvenating massages in one of the cottages. 


Tourist Place to Visit in Idukki District, Kerala