Kozhikode Beach, Tourist Sports in Kozhikode

The beach at Kozhikode is the popular hangout of the people in and around the ancient port town and is just one km from the city centre. Its potential as a tourism destination has yet to be tapped. This spot has a prominent place in the history of Calicut as the a key port where traders from Arabia and China weighed anchor and had been trading for centuries The emergence of Beypore as the main port eclipsed its commercial importance. The beach still has two piers built in the 19th century though it is in ruins now. Fallen into disuse for long they have withstood the merciless beatings of waves for more than a century and have finally begun to collapse.

The beach road runs about 10 km along the coast. A part of the road immediately behind the city is a commercial hub. The Big Bazar that is a major trading centre in Malabar, is close by. Streets with exotic names like Gujarathi Street and Silk Street have been the hub of the spice trade for centuries. Many warehouses lining the beach road and its side roads have an ancient look.

The area close to the piers is a favourite of the visitors. Here the water is muddy and sea is not shallow enough for swimming. However, the slightly slanting sandy shore is relatively wide and an ideal place for spending an evening chatting or gazing at the setting sun. The beach has a lighthouse as also a children’s park, though the latter is in a state of disrepair. A few kilometres north from the light house is a marine aquarium that too is a big draw for the visitors.

There are regular buses from other major cities of the country to Kozhikode.
Nearest Airport : Calicut Airport
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Nearest Railway Station : Calicut Railway Station

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