Koodalmanikyam Temple

Koodalmanikyam temple is a very beautiful temple built in the 9th century and has a magnificent architecture. It is located in Irinjalakuda in Thrissur district. The carvings that are done in stone and wood are very attractive. There are murals on the walls. The deity here is Bharata which is the only such temple in India that is dedicated to Bharata. There is a story related with the name Koodalmanikyam. It is said that long back a bright radiance was emitted from the idol. The people were not able to know the source of this brightness and so bought a Manikyam from the Raja for comparison. While comparing the two, the manikyam that was bought slipped from the hand and combined with the manikyam on the idol. So, the merging of the 2 manikyams came to be called as Koodalmanikyam.

According to the legend, long back some sages under Kulipini Maharshi performed a Yagna in order to please Lord Vishnu. He was pleased by their devotion and decided to grant them their wish. They just wanted the Lord to be at that place to which he agreed. In order to bless this sacred place, the sages now prayed for River Ganga. Springs of this river was bought to this area and is considered to be sacred. The Kulipini Theertham, on the northern side is sacred and the water from here is taken for performing the Poojas and preparing Nivedyams. The temple was not built soon after this yagna. It was built even many years later.

It is said that the local chieftain Vakkay Kaimal had a dream in which a person asked him to find the four idols that are washed near the shore and to consecrate those idols at some places. The next day he ran to the sea shore to find four idols. As per his dream, he consecrates these idols at the mentioned places. Rama was installed at Thriprayar, Bharat at Irinjalakuda, Lakshmana at Moozhikulam and Shatrughna at Payammal. It is believed that to worship all these four temples on the same day is considered as worthy. People visit all these temples during the Ramayana month and it is popularly called as ‘Nalambalam Thozhal’.

One of the special Nivedyam in this temple is the Brinjal Nivedyam.  Another important offering that is made in this temple is the ‘Thaamaramala’. This Lotus garland will be around 12 feet long and consists of minimum 101 full flowers.  An important day in the temple is on Thriputhari on the Thiruvonam day during the Malayalam month Thulam that comes in October / November. On this day, newly harvested rice is cooked and is feasted. An offering made on the next day is called as Mukkudi which is believed to have medicinal properties that can cure any ailments.

The annual festival of the temple is conducted in the months April / May that lasts for 11 days. It starts on the day following the Thrissur Pooram and lasts until the next Thiruvonam day. Brahmakalasam is offered to the deity during this festival which is a unique feature of this temple.

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