Kombaikani and Meenmutti Waterfalls

Two famous waterfalls on the upper part of Neyyar reservoir are the Kombaikani waterfall and the Meenmutti waterfall. Meenmutti waterfalls are located near Kallar in Thiruvananthapuram district. About 2 kms from this fall lies the Kombaikani waterfalls. Meenmutti waterfall lies on the way to the Ponmudi hills. In order to reach the falls one has to trek through the forests. Trekking facilities are provided from Kallar Forest Protection Group. It lies on the path of Agastyakoodam. One has to obtain permission from the forest department in order to visit this fall. A guide will accompany you to the falls.

Meenmutti waterfalls cascades in 3 levels at a height of 500 m. It is a great experience to trek to this place to see the waterfalls. This is an ideal site for picnic and many come here for trekking and bird watching as well.

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