Kauthuka Park Chalakudy Kerala

Kauthuka park,  is a place where you will rediscover your peace, marvel at human persistence and acknowledge the simple gifts of nature, that of birds, fish, animals and man being one, with nature.

It is a beautiful garden, is situated on the way to Athirappally Waterfalls at Chalakkudy in Thrissur, Kerala. The collection of a variety of trees and plants, both medicinal and wild dot the park and even trees and plants relating to the zodiac are also there. Yet another collection is the utensils and agricultural appliances of a bygone era adding to the enchantment of the park. The whole landscape is marked by hills, streams, caves, varieties of trees and medicinal plants.

The peaceful co-existence of many, some of which are sworn predators in nature are like obedient children here, following their Master around, living and feeding, on what is so lovingly provided. The very plot of land, that is the Park, resembles not the plain land around it rather, it makes one feel as though he or she has entered the remote habitat of the nature’s very best, with small rivulets and caves, ancient ponds with crystal clear water, within which fish of various hues and sizes play hide and seek in its dark depths.

Unforgettable Attractions

  • Caves and caverns
  • Aerial trees on the move
  • Rivulets and waterfalls
  • Gentle hillocks and valleys
  • Variety of spices and garden-crops
  • Rare plants and trees
  • Trees related to Zodiac signs
  • Medicinal plants and garden-plants
  • Utensils of a forgotten era
  • Ancient ponds with crystal clear water
  • Fish of every size,hue and colour
  • Peacocks that insist of being fed
  • Emu birds that lumber after you for a sweet morsel
  • Birds that you have only heard of
  • Animals so familiar yet never seen
  • Cradles and swings to relax and recline
  • Tree-huts and Bamboo-huts.

1.5 km from Potta , Adjacent to Panampilly College (Athirapilly Road).
Cochin International Airport, about 18 km
Railway Station:
Chalakudy, about 7 km

Tourist Place to Visit in Thrissur District, Kerala