Karlad Lake, located in Thariode, Wayanad.

It situates in Tariod, 16 km west of Kalpetta. The lake spreads in an area of 7 acres and is a place where you can be with yourself, more so because it is not a huge tourist hotspot.

The lake with all its beauty and facilities of boating and angling is still to gain its share of popularity. Boating is being halted for some time. The atmosphere is suited for trekking too. It is around 8 Km from Vythiri. Major developmental activities are being planned in Karlad Lake.

It is better to hire a vehicle since there is no direct bus service up to the lake or board Kalpetta Padinjarethara bus and get down at Kavummandam stop and pick an auto to the lake side.
The nearest Airport to Wayanad is Kozhikode (Calicut) international airport at a distance of about 100 km from Kalpetta (Wayanad dist HQ). Mysore Airport (only domestic flights) is almost 140 km away from Kalpetta and Bangalore international airport is at a distance of approximately 280 km from Kalpetta.
Railway Station:
The nearest railway station from Wayanad is Kozhikode (Calicut) which is 75 km away from Kalpetta. Mysore railway station is at a distance 140 km from Kalpetta. Tourists coming from Chennai to Wayanad have the option of coming to Calicut or Mysore and further move to Wayanad.

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