Jain Temple of Jainimedu in Palakkad

Jain Temple of Jainimedu is situated on the western suburbs of Palakkad town, not far from the railway station, this historic 32 feet long, 20 feet wide granite temple displays images of the Jain Thirthankaras and Yakshinis. The region around the temple, known as Jainimedu, is one of the few laces in Kerala where the vestiges of Jainism have survived. It is at a Jain house here that poet Kumaranasan wrote his monumental poet Veenapoovu (The fallen flower).

This temple has been built about 500 years ago by jain head, Inchanna Satur, for the jain sage Chandranathaswamy. The granite walls are devoid of any decoration. An idol of Chandranthan occupies the first division of the temple, Vijayalakshmi and Jwalamohini the scond, Rish abha Nathan the third, and parswa Nathan and Padmavathi the fourth. An air of austerity marks this quiet place. The main altar is unadorned while lit lamps flank the main stature palakkad was once home to a community of 400 Jain families, but their numbers are less now.

Location On the south bank of the Kalpathy River in jainmedu, just beyond the Chunnambuthara area, 3km from the centre of palakkad

Nearest bus station is Palakkad KSRTC bus station located at town.
Nearest airport is the domestic airport at Coimbatore 50 km away. Nearest international airport is in Kochi 140 km away.
Railway Station:
Nearest rail head is Palakkad Junction (Olavakkode) - 5km

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