Chembra Peak Wayanad & Nearby Tourist Places

Chembra peak is located near Meppady town in Wayanad district and is the highest peak of this district. It is at a height of 2100 m above sea level. This peak is a part of the Western Ghats and it joins with the Nilgiri hills in Tamil Nadu state. This peak can be seen from any part of Wayanad. One can reach this peak by walk from the Meppady town. Some tourist attractions on the way to this peak include some waterfalls near Meppady and the Pookot Lake.

It is a favorite trekking place of many tourists. Trekking can be done on this peak with prior permission from the forest office. Facilities are provided by the District Tourism Promotion Council for trekking here. They provide guides, trekking facilities like sleeping bags, huts etc.  Trekking to the top of this peak is a risky task. It takes around 3 hours to reach to the top of this peak.  But for nature lovers who wish to trek by enjoying the beauty and each and every part of the peak, it may take almost a day to reach to the top of the peak. Camps are built temporarily on the top of this peak where the tourists can stay there for a day or two. Camp fires can be conducted and to sleep on top of a hill with shivering cold is a wonderful experience.

The view of the nature from the top of this hill is breath taking. Almost the whole of Wayanad can be seen from the top of this peak.  It is a visual treat for the trekkers especially for photographers. The scenery view from here is worth taking a picture. One of the main tourist attractions on the way to the top of this peak is a small lake in the shape of a heart. It is said that this lake has never dried before and that the water level always remains constant. There are many flowing sprouts that come from the hill top. There are some wild animals also in this peak. The trekkers may get a chance to view them. The trekking to this peak is really an experience that could be treasured.

Kalpetta bus station at a distance of 9 kms
Karipur International Airport at a distance of 90 kms
Railway Station:
Kozhikode railway station

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