Chain Tree Vythiri – Places to Visit in Wayanad Kerala

This Chain tree is located near Vythiri and is 15 kms from Kalpetta. This is a large Ficus tree bounded by a long chain.
Ficus tree is the official tree of Thailand. Under natural conditions this tree will grow upto 98 feet. It has swinging branches, silky leaves and small fruit. This small fruit is a favourite food for many birds.


Once upon a time there was a British Engineer who found the way to Wayanad with the help of a Tribal from Wayanad. To take the credit of discovering wayanad ,he killed the tribal who showed him the way. The ghost of the tribal haunted travellers who travelled by the way . After some time the ghost was reportedly Chained by a Priest to a tree . The Chain tree is the place where the ghost was chained to a tree and you can still find the chain tied to the tree there.

KSRTC buses are well networked from all nearby cities to Wayanad. There are regular super fast buses run between Wayanad and Trivandrum (470 KM), Mangalore (260 KM), Bangalore (280 KM) and Kochi (275 KM). Thus it gets easy to know how to reach Wayanad.
The only airport that comes in the vicinity of Wayanad is Karipur international airport at Kozhikode and about 100 km to go from Wayanad city. Along with Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai this airport links gulf countries too, such as- Oman, Quatar, Kuwait and Saudi.
Railway Station:
The adjoining Rail station of Wayanad is Kozhikode. To reach here you have to cover a distance of 110 km from Wayanad. One can also hire taxi to reach the station. Kozhikode has nice and frequent connectivity that provides regular direct train services towards Trivandrum, Kochi, Chennai and Bangalore.

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