Bekal Beach in Kasaragod , Kerala

Bekal beach is in Kasaragod district which is in the northern most part of Kerala. The beach is very beautiful with gushing waves, cool atmosphere, pleasant climate, palm trees and sandy beaches which helps to make a perfect beach holiday. Bekal beach is considered as a virgin territory as one can experience the traditional and local hospitality of the Keralites. There is a fort on this beach called as Bekal fort from where you can view the entire beach from its top. Facilities are provided to the tourists to take rest in sheds and Eru madams. Cleanliness is always maintained in the beach as there are waste bins here and there which are made of bamboos for putting the litters. There is also a children’s park nearby. Entry to this park is allowed by paying entry fees and plans have been put forward for constructing water theme parks also.

Measures have been taken as part of beach site beautification. This includes installing two sculptures of Theyyam which is made of laterite stone, walls with mural paintings done by artisans etc. There is also a rock garden near the parking area and more trees have also been planted in this area. This beach is declared by the Indian government as the Special Tourism Area. It is soon to become an important International beach destination.

Kasaragod bus station at a distance of 16 kms
Mangalore Airport at a distance of around 50 kms
Railway Station:
Kasaragod railway station at a distance of 17 km

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