Agasthyamalai Hills, Trivandrum Kerala

Agastyarkoodam peak which is located in Thiruvananthapuram district is the second highest peak in Kerala. It lies in Tamil Nadu border and houses many ayurvedic plants known for its medicinal value. It has a height of 1868 meters. According to the legend, people believed that Sage Agastya lived here who was a bachelor; hence it is called as Agastyarkoodam and women are not allowed here as they are disliked by the aborigines. There is also a small temple here. Pilgrims visit this peak which remains open for the pilgrimage. A statue of the Sage is there on the top of the peak where people conduct the poojas.

Trekking is one of the main activities carried out here by the tourists. It is accessible only by foot and it would take around 24 kms from Bonacaud and around 32 kms from Neyyar dam to trek to this peak. Neelakurinji which is a flower that blooms once in twelve years is found in this peak.

The main activity here is trekking. It is a two day trek and in order to trek in this peak, the trekkers have to get a pass from the Warden of the Forest Department in Thiruvananthapuram. In order to enter the jungle, you have to walk around 25 minutes from Bonacaud which is the nearest village up to where vehicle reaches. The entrance to the jungle is the forest office. You are requested to provide all your details, which are registered and the permit passes are checked. In a single season around 200 to 500 passes are issued by the forest officials. They also check whether you are carrying any liquor bottles as it is banned inside the jungle. Guides are provided by the forest officials. They are usually the tribal in this place. You can trek through the forests which are surrounded by scenic beauty. While trekking, you can hear the sounds of the trees, flowing waters and the chirping of the birds. The place is rich in wide variety of flora and fauna. There are three rivers on the way namely Karamana, Vaazhapindhiyaar and Attayar. A waterfall named Bona waterfall is also here.

The day’s shelter is at Athirmala where you will reach by evening. Food is provided there in a canteen run by the Forest office. The second day around 12 kms climb is required to reach to the top of the peak. The path includes rocks, tree roots etc. On reaching the top of the peak, the view from here is breathtaking. You can see the Arabian Sea on one side, mountain ranges on another side and also faraway lands in the other sides. This trekking is really a memorable experience.

The best time to do trekking in this peak is during the months between December and April. The tickets are usually issued in November from P. T. P Nagar office and as there is only restricted number of passes, it is advised to get it at the earliest if possible on the first day of issue. There are no medical facilities on the way inside the jungle. Make sure that you are in good health condition while you plan your trekking.

Nearest Bus Station is Nedumangad
Thiruvananthapuram International Airport at a distance of 70 kms
Railway Station:
Thiruvananthapuram railway station at a distance of 61 kms

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